5 Questions to Ask Before Your Haircut

Your hair is the only accessory that you wear all day, every day so you’re going to want to invest in the very best haircut that you can. The right cut can take pounds— even years—off your face, cut down on your morning styling time and give you an enormous boost of confidence. But no matter how much you spend at the salon, without the proper pre-planning and consultation, your style will never be all that it can be.

The consultation is the absolute most important part of your salon appointment. It’s the time for you to ask all of the crucial questions about finding your perfect style as well as time for us to ask you very specific questions to determine whether our ideas of “perfect” are matching up. While you may have a great style in mind, there are certain things that we take into to consideration, like your hair type and texture, the angles of your face, neck length and skin tone, amongst other things, in order to determine what styles will work best for you.

To get that perfect cut, it’s important to take a few additional things into consideration, that speak more to your personal taste and lifestyle, to discuss with your stylist during your consultation. Here are a few to consider:

#1:What do you like best about your hair, now?
Your haircut should be a reflection of you; your personal style AND your lifestyle. That being said, there are probably at least one or two things that you like about your current style that we can incorporate into your new one.
If not, if you absolutely hate every single thing about your hair at this moment (hey, it happens!) bring in a photo of a past hairstyle that you had that you did like. It’s better to work off of a photo of you than some celebrity. At least we know that we are working with the same variables!

5questions Time The Haircolor Masters

#2: How much time do you want to spend on daily styling?
It can be really tempting to pick up the latest gossip magazine and pick out a photo of a hairstyle on a celebrity’s, but if that cut takes 45 minutes every morning to style and you only have 15, it’s not the right cut for you. Make sure you ask us about the style that you are going for. Believe it or not, almost every style that you see in a magazine takes a lot of time and effort to look just right (before you ask, yes even those carelessly tousled waves that all of the Victoria’s Secret Angels have take hours of styling and loads of product to look so unintentional), but we can likely find a way to customize your haircut to suit your styling time.

5questions-Money 5questions The Haircolor Masters#3: How much money do you want to spend on maintenance/styling products?
Talking money while you’re in the chair can feel a little awkward, but when it comes to budgeting for your new style, it’s a really important part of the conversation. If we don’t know how much you want to spend, we are going to make recommendations based off what the ideal aftercare program looks like and with good quality, professional products (the only kind we carry!) that can get expensive pretty fast. It’s better to give us a concrete budget so that we can tailor your haircut and aftercare program to suit your needs individually. There may be little ways that we can tweak the style to make it more budget-friendly if that is a concern.

#4: Do you have any length considerations?
Sometimes an inch or two is an actual inch or two and sometimes it’s completely subjective. If you have a specific length in mind—say, you need to be able to pull your hair back for sports or activities or your work—it’s important to tell us that on the upfront. By doing so, we know what adjustments to make to your requested style to fit within your length constraints.

5questions-Dress Code The Haircolor Masters#5: Do you have any style restrictions due to your workplace dress code?
If your job requires you to dress conservatively, chances are a funky, avant-garde haircut will be frowned upon by the powers that be. That being said, there are ways to tone down an artistic style; we just have to know what our boundaries are when it comes to your needs.

So, before your next big haircut, be sure to ask yourself these questions when it comes to your perfect cut and make sure to discuss your needs thoroughly with your stylist during your consultation. By taking a little time to think through not only the life of your haircut but also how it fits in with your lifestyle, we can avoid any miscommunications and make sure that you leave the salon looking and feeling your absolute best.

4 thoughts on “5 Questions to Ask Before Your Haircut”

  1. Love this! I always give my stylist way too much information because I’m so paranoid of getting a bad cut (happened a few years ago!) – better safe than sorry! Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Love this! I’m terrible in the chair and never know exactly what I want style-wise, but I do know my rules: has to go into a pony-tail, can’t take more than 5 minutes out of the shower and can’t be in my face. I’ll start adding these as well!

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