9 Things you need to know before you commit to haircolor.

1. A one-step color consists of tinting all of your hair a different tone or level.

A permanent one-step color should be retouched every 4-6 weeks. Permanent color is the ONLY way to get complete grey coverage.

2. Coloring your hair will change its texture.

Hair is softer and healthier after a color treatment. Gray hair feels much less rough and is easier to manage.

3. Color can’t lighten color.

Once committed to a permanent shade, the option to lighten the hair becomes a 2-step process. Natural hair has the ability to become 5 shades lighter without bleaching. If you are debating between 2 shades, start with the lighter image, you can always go darker next time.Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 24/7/365.

4. When you can, choose a demi-permanent hair color over permanent

If you are going darker without needing grey coverage, I recommend a demi-gloss to keep options open and hair smooth and shiny.

5. Bleach actually DOESN’T damage hair (if used properly).

Breakage occurs from the chemical overlapping itself or poor time management. Bleach can be formulated to work as slow or fast as an artist desires.  With so many choices on the market, the key to healthy hair for a professional, is education and skill.

6. Sun and shampoo are the two main reasons hair color fades.

Protect your new look by shampooing with a system that is specifically formulated for Color Treated Hair. Letting your color go from wet to dry in the sun creates a high risk of fading.

7. Balayage consists of hand painting highlights to create modern dimensional color.

Balayage is the softest way to introduce color into your hair. One Ombré or Balayage service can last you all summer.

8. A new color should come with a maintenance plan.

Most colors are maintained differently than they are created. Meaning you may spend more time and money initially to set it up your new look, but once it is installed, appointments become short and sweet. Most of my guests balayage their hair three times a year. They may maintain a one-step color more regularly in order to cover grey, manage dark or light new growth, or change their tone and add shine.

9. All Color is customized individually, and every formulation is perfectly personalized.

Colors consist of bases and tones expertly blended precisely for you.