How To Survive Your Kid’s Haircut

A few things to keep in mind before you walk into your next kid’s haircut appointment.


A kid’s haircut can often be a stressful situation for you, the parent, but it doesn’t have to be. By putting a few precautionary measures into place, the salon experience can be a bit less scary and more of an adventure for children, especially toddlers. We want our tiny guests to feel comfortable and at ease in our salon, and we especially want you to feel stress-free during the appointment. Which is why we’ve put together a quick-read list of things to keep in mind and remember for your kid’s next haircut.

Naps & Snacks

kid_clients_goldfishSchedule your kid’s haircut appointment or plan your walk-in visit after naptime, if possible. Toddlers and small children can quickly become fussy and agitated when they have to sit still for a long period of time, and being overtired on top of sitting still is where meltdowns begin. A well-rested kid is more willing to sit, listen, and allow the haircut to happen. Also, try to have your child eat beforehand, but if that’s not an option, then come equipped with some of their favorite snacks like Goldfish crackers or the ultimate child bribe—a lollipop.

Screen Time On Time


We know, we know, screentime is bad for kids. However, sometimes distraction in the form of a phone or tablet is the key to a successful kid’s haircut appointment. The unfamiliarity of the salon chair can seem a lot less scary with your child’s favorite characters in a familiar episode. Before you arrive, charge up your device’s battery and consider loading a new episode, app, or game to make the experience unique (and full of entertaining distraction). Alternatively, if you would rather lessen the amount of screen time in your child’s life, then consider having some books ready to bring to the salon with you.

Be Open To Suggestions

Parents usually arrive at their kid’s hair appointments with something already in mind. It could either be a quick trim to the front, back and sides or a complete transformation. If we see something that could lessen the stress of everyday care and styling, we’re going to suggest it. Or if your child isn’t fully 100% on board and cooperating during their appointment—making that adorable new undercut completely impossible— we’ll help you troubleshoot the situation and come up with some quick solutions to make the necessary adjustments into a doable style that will at least resemble the look that you were going for.

Age Appropriate Actions

We mentioned above that it helps to be open to suggestions and something to we’d like for you to keep in mind is that every age is different. We’ve put together this handy chart that will help you navigate your child’s next salon appointment, according to their age.

  1. 0-2 Go with the basics. Your little one more than likely won’t be 100% on board with the salon experience.
  2. 3-5 Come armed with the items mentioned above (snacks and forms of distraction) and a clear idea of what you’d like done at the appointment (i.e. trim the front, back, sides a ¼ of an inch).
  3. 6-9 Consider getting a little more creative with your kid’s look (i.e. some bangs, maybe a few layers or an interesting undercut).
  4. 10+ It’s time to let your youngster take the lead on how they’d like their hair to look.
  5. 13+ Maybe it’s time you wait in the car and enjoy a break and some silence. Or…book your appointment at the same time as your teenager since you’ll still be paying for his/her service (wink!).

kid_clients_boy_in_chairIt’s important to us that your child feels at ease and even more imperative that you walk into the salon knowing that we’re here to make this experience as stress-free as possible for both you and your child. And don’t worry about screaming and crying—we’ve seen it all, and we know how to make the most of any situation at hand.

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